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Fall 2009 Screening Schedule

With special guest: Leslie Thornton.

Join us for a line-up of new video art, animation, and experimental film
from around the world.

Featuring Special guest: Leslie Thornton, in person with her new HD video
fresh from the New York Film Festival, "((((( )))))"


"You are my sunshine", an outdoor installation by Raphael Diluzio -- ONE
NIGHT ONLY -- two video projections onto a 3/4-ton block of melting ice. On
view from dusk until midnight, across from the Cable Car Cinema.

Wednesday, October 7, 9:30pm
Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main St.
Hosted by Magic Lantern Cinema
Free (donation of $5 suggested)

Detailed artist and work information:

Per fare un tavolo (How to make a table) / Digital animation / 2009 / Italy
Lemeh42 are two italian artists who realize videos, video performances and
animations. The duo was founded in 2007 though they started working together
since 2005. Their works have been selected by major international video art
festivals, and exhibited at numerous gallery and museum exhibitions as well
as the Tehran Biennial, and in 2009 represented Italy at the BJCEM (Biennial
of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean) 2009 in Skopye,

Ron Diorio
What I did During the War, Parts 1-4 / Single channel video / 2008 / Video
courtesy of Peter Halpert Fine Art / New York, NY
Ron Diorio is an artist working across multiple media including photography,
video, spoken word and interactive applications. Diorio has had three solo
shows (Anytown, Around here and Hometown) of his photo based work and has
been included in many group shows. His work has been exhibited
internationally and is represented by Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art in New York
City (phhfineart.com <http://phhfineart.com/> ). In the fall of 2009 Peter
Hay Halpert Fine Art will release Diorio's "Ron Diorio: Coming 'round again
2005-2009" as a limited edition book and print.

Gerard Freixes Ribera
Aislado / Digital Video / 2007 / Igualada Spain
Gerard Freixes Ribera was born in Igualada (Barcelona, Spain) on January,17,
1979, He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, specializing in
Image and Video and also working there with a cooperation grant as MediaLab
workshop asistant. Nowadays, he currently works as video editor while doing
his own personal and experimental video works wich have been screened and
awarded around the world. His video work uses found footage film manipulated
with digital post-production techniques to alterate its meaning and often,
like in his works "Aislado"(2007) or "Alone" (2008), it relates to isolation
and loneliness matters.

A. Bill Miller
gridworks2000-anim09 / Animation, Digital Video / East Troy, WI
A. Bill Miller is an artist living and working in the Milwaukee area of
Wisconsin USA. He believes that we exist within a built environment that is
mediated by organizational systems that regularly incorporate grid
structures. Furthermore, grids are meant to compress, redisplay, and reorder
information. A. Bill responds to this characteristic by creating gridworks.
With gridworks he seeks to transcode, transform, and process information
while occupying a position between drawing, painting, animation, video, and
installation. In addition he works as Adjunct Faculty at University of
Wisconsin - Milwaukee & Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.
gridworks2000-anim09 is a reproduction of work originally created while the
artist worked in information visualization at Master-List2000.COM. The
drawings are recreations from memory. They were drawn individually both in
ink on paper and ascii plaintext over the course of 6 months just after the
artist was laid-off from the organization. As a part of the severence
agreement, the artist was required to destroy all of his personal copies of
his work for them.

Rafael Attias
Superpower / digital video / 9:53 minutes / 2006 / Providence, RI
Rafael Attias left his native home of Venezuela to pursue a Degree at Rhode
Island School of Design. Upon graduating he began working as a graphic
designer and art director with several prominent Providence and Boston
firms. Through his years at RISD and to this date he has been involved in
creating, performing, and recording music, merging visuals with sound, as
well as multimedia abstract painting. Current projects include "The ear
draws inward", an experimental album as well as several multimedia
collaborations. Rafael has been a Professor at RISD since 1998. He has
successfully balanced a professional artistic and design life with an
academic career and finds the two careers to be mutually beneficial and
dynamic. In 2001 he was honored to be a candidate for the Award for
Excellence in Teaching at RISD.
Superpower is a surreal montage of images with an original audio
composition. It depicts the idea of Superpower in the context of modern
American existence. Through the exploration of a stream-of-consciousness
approach to the editing and narrative assembly, a new form of abstract
narrative is created. This narrative style seeks to balance the viewing and
auditory experience as central to meaning; thus developing a body of theory
that examines the concept of Superpower in a personal, sensorial, and
emotional manner.

Lisa Young
Lisa Young / Drives / Single channel video / 2008 / Providence, RI
Lisa Young holds a BFA from the University of Illinois, an MFA from Tufts
University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and is an alumnus of
the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. Young’s work explores the
relationship between the temporal and the sublime through installation,
books, video, and web projects. Young’s work has been exhibited at the
Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA, the Cue Art Foundation and White
Columns, New York, NY, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY, Bard College,
Annondale-oh-Hudson, NY, and the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence,
RI. Her commissioned projects include a billboard at 6150 Wilshire
Boulevard, Los Angeles (Clockshop/Julia Meltzer), an artist project for
Cabinet Magazine, and the web project fortunehunting.org developed with the
Scholarly Technologies Group at Brown University. Her work can be found in
the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Rhode Island
School of Design, the Harvard University Art Museums, the New York Public
Library, Cornell University, and the Neues Museum Weserberg in Bremen
Germany. Young is the 2010 recipient of the Rhode Island State Council on
the Arts Fellowship in Film and Video. She is currently a Visiting Critic in
the Photography Department at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Cristiano Berti
SILENT NIGHTS / video / 2007 / Jesi (Italy)
Cristiano Berti is an artist based in Turin and Jesi (Italy), mainly working
with photography, video and the installation of re-contextualized objects.
He graduated at the Faculty of Architecture at Turin University. Alongside
his artistic activity, from the mid-1990s he worked on mobile units for
health risk reduction among migrant sex workers, an experience which, years
later, was to form the basis of various visual art works. At the end of the
1990s he stopped working as an outreach worker, though continuing to work in
the sphere of social inclusion and gender empowerment. He also moved away
from traditional artistic techniques, trying out new technologies and media,
and placed greater emphasis upon collaborative and procedural aspects. His
works have been exhibited at solo and group exhibitions. Among the most
recent have been solo exhibitions at Sala Uno, Rome (2008); Stanica, Zilina,
Slovakia (2008); Carbone.to Gallery, Turin (2006, 2003, 2000); group
exhibitions Artist-Citizen (49th October Salon, Belgrade, 2008); Speaking
Volumes (Holter Museum of Art, Helena, USA, 2008); Sexwork. Kunst Mythos
Realität (NGBK, Berlin, 2006); Big Social Game, BIG Torino 2002, 2.nd
International Biennial of Young Artists, Turin (2002) and The Nordic Video
Art Festival TRUNK 2007 (Östersund, Sweden, 2007).

Peter A. Bussigel
Oroboros / Animation / 2009 / Providence, RI
Peter Bussigel (b. 1981) writes music for accordions, orchestras, film,
tape, trumpets, buckets, puppets, chamber groups, voices, videos, robots,
dancers, bands, drunks, theatre, galleries, cell phones, parades, children,
pie tins, improvisers, inventors, headphones, and toys. Peter also makes
videos and short sound films for concerts, installations, and small wine
parties. They actually give degrees in writing music and Peter has managed
to get two of them. One from the University of Michigan (B.M., Composition)
and one from New York University (M.A., Composition and Video Art). He is
currently in slow pursuit of more degrees at Brown University, studying
music and multimedia experiments.

Patrick Bergeron
LoopLoop / Video / 2008 / Montreal (Quebec), Canada
Video artist and researcher, Patrick Bergeron modifies and manipulates the
image and its details. Exploring the concepts of speed and memories, his
work is a mix of animation, experimental film and documentary. For the last
15 years, Bergeron has worked in special effects for the film industry and
worked on films such as The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. LoopLoop is
made from a sequence captured in a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam. I filmed
the houses boarding the railroad. The 1000 images of this sequence have been
stitched into one long panoramic image. Into this long still image, I
integrated other moving elements and built smooth transitions over it.

Henry Gwiazda
claudia and paul 7:02 a.m. / 2009 / Minnesota
Henry Gwiazda was born in 1952 in New Britain, Connecticut. He received
degrees from the Eastman School of Music, The Hartt School, and the
College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati.
Eventually, he extended his interest of sampling natural sounds to include a
sampling of all phenomenon that has movement-a comprehensive artistic
approach that has resulted in work that is multimedia in nature. These works
make use of new media to create a virtual realism that is focused on
movement. His work has won First Prize at Abstracta Cinema 2008, Second
Prize at Crosstalk Video Art Festival 2009 (Budapest, Hungary), a prize at
the Magmart International Videoart Festival (Naples, Italy), and the Grand
Prize for Best Audio at the 2008 DIGit Media Exposition (Narrowsburg, NY).
My work is about the choreography of reality. It's about the way everything
moves and is interconnected to create beauty. It show that each motion,
whether it is made by human, animal, object, light or sound, is connected
and extended by other motions to compose a phrase, a sentence of great
artistic interest.

David Muth
Up And Down / Animation, digital video / 2008 / London, England
David Muth is a London based artist, musician and programmer. Having grown
up in Salzburg, Austria, he relocated to the UK to study at Middlesex
University, where he received an MA in Digital Arts. His artistic practice
combines conceptual and experimental approaches and is informed by his back-
ground in architecture. His projects range from installations and responsive
environments, through video and experimental documentary, to composition and
performance of music. Muth’s work has been shown on numerous occasions
internationally, with venues and events including the Musée d’Art
Contemporain in Montreal, the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, Ars
Elec- tronica in Linz, ISEA2006 in San Jose, Le Cube in Paris, Montevideo in
Amsterdam, Laboral in Gijón and SIGGRAPH2009 in New Orleans. He also teaches
at Goldsmiths and the Royal College of Art.

Lucky Leone
Fun in the Nursing Home / Single channel video / 2009 / Providence, RI
"My experience is that the world is a serious, tragic and ultimately
humorous place. My work looks at the world and questions why people
(including myself) do what they do, and why things in the world are the way
they are. The ideas and works contain careful thought, eased by a sense of
humor. As I learn and progress (sic), I feel freer to take whatever creative
avenues I am interested in. Investigation, exploration and explanation, but
not necessarily in that order (I did not listen well in science class),
dominate my thinking process and my work. Consistent in the work is the
importance of concept, experimentation and experience. As I investigate the
human condition, I feel free to experiment with ideas and free to bring them
to fruition in any way I see fit. The ideas I generate (and deem worthy of
further investigation) for the most part, dictate the media in which the
final work is presented. My work incorporates techniques from sculpture,
photography, painting, drawing, performance and video. My work and life
have mixed into a minestrone-like soup (I don't like stew) where life
inspires me to experiment with art, and sometimes my work drives me to
experiment with life. I am a hack scientist with a poor memory for the
scientific process. Whether my work is an exercise in futility, or one of
general worth is, of course, questionable. But at least I am working on it."

Harvey Goldman and Ken Ueno
Sabinium / Animation, video / 2008 / Dartmouth Ma.
Harvey Goldman has created critically acclaimed work in the fields of
ceramics, digital imaging and music. He teaches 2D and 3D animation in the
Digital Media program at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where he
currently holds the position of Chancellor Professor of Design. His work has
been exhibited widely throughout the United States and Europe. Winner of the
2006-2007 Rome Prize, Ken Ueno, is an internationally performed composer who
actively involves himself in a wide range of activities in order to
evangelize for modern music (including producing and hosting a television
show about new music). Informed by his experience as an electric guitarist
and overtone singer, his music fuses the culture of Japanese underground
electronic music with an awareness of European modernism.

Leslie Thornton
Let Me Count The Ways: Minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 / 2004-5, video, 22 min
((((( ))))) / 2009 / HD -> video, 9 minutes
New York, NY

Special Guest presentation -- there will be a short Q&A with Thornton after
the screening

Leslie Thornton is an internationally acclaimed media artist whose work
explores the outer parameters of ethnographic and narrative form. Her films,
videos, photographs, and installations have been exhibited worldwide, in
venues such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Museum of Modern Art,
the CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux, and the Rotterdam, New York,
Berlin, Toronto, Buenos Aires, and Seoul film festivals. Thornton is
currently a professor in media at Brown University.

Let Me Count the Ways is at present composed of five short segments
compressed into a 22-minute exploration of the lead-up to, the confusion
about, and the aftereffects of the Hiroshima bombing. The title
simultaneously references the countdown to the dropping of the bomb and
suggests anticipation. Minus 10 juxtaposes footage of the artist’s father in
Los Alamos and on the way to Tinian Island with an interview with a woman in
Japanese about the bombing. Minus 9 aligns an American nurse’s eyewitness
account of the bombing and its aftermath with aerial landscape shots blocked
by a blinking blue circle which could represent a mutant sun, an eye, planet
Earth, an afterimage, or the inverted “rising sun” of Japanese national
symbolism. Minus 8 and Minus 7 show excerpts from a documentary, The Growth
of Plants (c. 1950), overlaid by running text describing radiation-induced
botanical mutations. Minus 6explores current American war policies and
ethics contrasted against the histrionics of Adolf Hitler; as the dictator
gesticulates on-screen, women’s voices recite a diatribe by Joseph Goebbels.
In recalling past histories of warfare, Thornton’s current work urges the
reexamination of contemporary politics, and artistic practice, by building
delicately balanced emotional and narrative arguments. ( Trinie Dalton,
quoted from the Whitney Biennial 2008 catalogue entry)

((((( ))))) is Thornton’s most recent work, which premiered at the New York
Film Festival this month. It “derives its title from the obsessional
punctuation of Raymond Rousell, the parentheses within parentheses, worlds
within worlds, housing a tunnel space of endless imbeds. (((( )))))
reflections in a golden eye. The glass menagerie of the vitreous humor from
both sides of the glass, an active gaze “on location” that cannot be penned…
((((( ))))) is a cycling of regenerative ingestion, devouring radiance. A
porthole, a portal, mimicking wellspring. In this terraced lapidary setting
where any object could substitute for another we sense the governing madness
in the ordained order. Or in reverse, a lucid logic wormholing through
quotidian chaos. Every habitat rendered into Dioramas of the natural world,
an accordion expansion of consciousness and the cosmos, all under
observation by something, somewhere, sometime… As in Peggy and Fred in Hell
we feel the operations of an artificial or outside intelligence, a god
machine dealing shuffled hands from the infinite playing deck, as indicated
by the Upanishads: “Wise intelligent, encompassing, self existent, it
organizes objects throughout eternity.” (Marian Masone, quoted from the 2009
New York Film Festival catalogue)